Cassandra De Pecol, the only woman to have visited 196 countries in the world!

Have you ever dreamt of leaving everything at least for a moment and go? To take the first flight, to abandon yourself to instinct? How many times we would like to fill our fears and insecurities, leaving for some distant goal, just to head off to take some time for ourselves to explore and get in touch with the world not only by places but also by people, cultures, histories and traditions.

Well someone did that and it’s a young girl!


American, 27 years old, beautiful and adventurous. She is Cassandra De Pecol, started in July 2015 from Connecticut to break a record: visit every country in the world alone in the shortest possible time and with one large and ambitious goal: touch 196 countries!


Just like many people Cassandra says that when she reached the age of 25 she was in full existential crisis.Her main fear was that of many: to die without leaving a trace behind. After reading about a man who had decided to visit more than one hundred countries in a short time, she got the idea to do the same thing. And so she decided to leave and realize an unprecedented feat.


Up to now she has visited 181 countries and there are only 40 days left, so her dream is still achievable. But what is her secret? Cassandra never stops in the same place for more than three days! Many follow her path, she documented her journey step by step on socials posting pictures of her adventure.

Here you can follow her on Instagram @expedition_196


To support the young traveller, there is Expedition 196 company, infact, Cassandra in each country meets locals and students to whom she distributes the Peace Declaration of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.

Not only a beautiful story of a young girl who decided to see the world but a true Ambassador of peace!

We hope that what she is doing could be an example and an inspiration to many people.


Photo by Expedition 196 website

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