First Week of Italian Cuisine in The World

The Extraordinary Italian Taste

When you say the magic word, Italy, people start to dream!!

Like so many countries certainly has its issues, but the fact remains that there are millions of people who love this country for its arctic, culinary and territorial beauty. So now it’s time to celebrate this amazing country worldwide with a special week: The week of Italian Cuisine in the word

The first week of Italian Cuisine in the World is at it’s first edition but above all an example of grassroots participation and spontaneous it may represent a new model to replicate. The program, in fact, has been enriched day by day thanks to the initiative of the many contacts that Italy can count on 5 continents: cultural institutes, embassies, but also private companies, restaurants, cooking schools, and that there was a ‘centralized taxation or a tightening direction, but with only the national identity to act as a collector of ideas and projects.

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The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World not only promotes the food but the whole Italian system. It also inaugurates a new model of collaboration between institutions and individuals: 1360 events in 110 countries, from 21th to 27th November!

The Week seeks to address the themes that have been successfully discussed at Expo Milan 2015 and embedded in the Charter of Milan, namely: quality, sustainability, culture, food safety and security, the right to food, education, identity, community, and biodiversity. The project is part of the plan for actions favouring the agrifood sector and Italian cuisine, aka the Food Act, launched by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Resources in July 2015 on behalf of the Italian government and within the framework of the actions envisaged by the MOU for the promotion of Italian cuisine abroad.


For the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Minister Gentiloni,
we have to go outside our borders and bring, again, the gastronomic image in the world, trying to trigger pinned on several levels: on the one hand enhance the induced tourism-related, the other one linked to exports of our agri-food, internationalization of our companies, but also to return to occupy a leading role in the cultural world and the one linked to the artisan knowledge. Our institutional structures scattered across the 5 continents are made of Italian food promoters. It is a revolutionary event: “diplomacy becomes a vehicle of food and with it its cultural and economic value”. The agri-food exports – do not forget – it’s up 37 billion euro and aims to 50 by 2020, and operations such as this are crucial to the spread of a certain Italian system”.

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