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From Denmark to all the world before his 28th birthday!

He is Henrik a 28-year-old Danish writer, blogger and adventurer that visited every country before his 28th birthday. He grew up in a remote area of Denmark called Thy that has a population of just over 40,000 people. From an early age, he made traveling and seeing the outside world a priority in his life. Henrik found

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First Week of Italian Cuisine in The World

The Extraordinary Italian Taste When you say the magic word, Italy, people start to dream!! Like so many countries certainly has its issues, but the fact remains that there are millions of people who love this country for its arctic, culinary and territorial beauty. So now it’s time to celebrate this amazing country worldwide with

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Lenses&Locals: Travelling and blogging with love

When traveling has a magical flavor because you do it with the one you love!  For months we followed Ayesha and Gavin of the wonderful blog “Lenses and locals”, a couple with an addiction to one-way flights and a never-ending desire to explore the world, always with their affectionate camera in hand. Their’s is one of those

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Cassandra De Pecol, the only woman to have visited 196 countries in the world!

Have you ever dreamt of leaving everything at least for a moment and go? To take the first flight, to abandon yourself to instinct? How many times we would like to fill our fears and insecurities, leaving for some distant goal, just to head off to take some time for ourselves to explore and get

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Local food: italian pride

Autore: ANIA ANNA EXPAT AND TRAVELLER IN ITALY “Few months ago I moved to Italy.” The idea about moving out and starting a new “life”  again (I was born in Poland, went to study to Netherlands and UK so I have been moving around with my suitcases a bit) was exciting,  as much as it seemed to

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Group Of Happy Young Friends Toasting Wine Glass Outdoor While Having Lunch

Understanding food: the italian way

Autore: ANIA ANNA EXPAT AND TRAVELLER IN ITALY   Few months ago I moved to Italy.  Shortly after I found out about being accepted to Food Design master,  a study programme of my dreams, I have packed all of my belongings and drove all the way from Netherlands to the south. Now when I look at images

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Sensorialità e cucina mediterranea

Autore: MARILINA RICCIARDIELLO PSICOLOGA SPECIALISTA IN PSICOLOGIA DELLE ORGANIZZAZIONI E DEL MARKETING Uno dei bisogni primari dell’uomo è nutrirsi. Oggi, il cibo è diventato qualcosa in più: da bisogno si è trasformato in piacere. Piacere di condividere, di stare in compagnia e, perchè no, il piacere procurato ai nostri sensi nel “vivere” un bel piatto

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Il significato profondo del mangiare con gli altri

Autore: RAFFAELLA CORRADO PSICOLOGA SPECIALISTA IN PSICOLOGIA DEL LAVORO Mangiare con gli altri costituisce un momento di convivialità, di condivisione: un momento intimo, un rituale in cui ha luogo uno scambio di sapori, di profumi e di interessi. Non importa circoscrivere l’atto al “sedersi a tavola” esso può avvenire secondo modalità diverse ma avendo lo

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